Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bach at his finest

Bach's Little Fugue

The religious right and the Tea party movement connection revealed

Michelle Boorstein in today's Washington Post writes about a new poll that shows the relationship between the religious right and the Tea party movement.   Most Lutherans that I know want to avoid the ludicrous left and the ridiculous right.

I am having trouble posting the link but go to the Washington Post for October 5, 2010.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Louis Vierne - how cool is this?

Espoo cathedral parish organist and music director Petri Koivusalo plays "Carillon de Westminster" by Louis Vierne. This is the final track of CD/Multichannel SACD "Espoon tuomiokirkon urut" (The Organ of Espoo Cathedral, Finland), MKSACD-43/FUGA-9292.

Espoo Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the metropolitan area of Finland. It is a medium-sized medieval stone church, built in 1480. The organ of the cathedral has 38 stops and it represents the neoclassic style of the Danish organ reform movement. It was built by Organ Builder Veikko Virtanen (Finland) in 1967, number of stops were added in 1989. The present organ will be dismantled in February 2010 and a new Ladegast-style organ will be installed in 2012.

This CD/SACD was produced as a document of this particular organ, but also as a farewell to the organ. Other composers on this disc are Bach, Rheinberger, Mendelssohn, Merikanto, Lindberg, Kokkonen and Salonen. More information can be found from www.impressions.fi and www.fuga.fi.

Russian music set to organ

an exciting piece of Spanish organ music

Batalla Imperial for Organ composed by Juan Bautista José Cabanilles

A batalla is a piece, in which a military battle is illustrated and in which the organist can use the characteristic reed stops of Spanish organs

Performed by E. Power Biggs at the Cathedral de Segovia (date unknown)

how about some French organ music?

English organ piece

Herbert Sumsion (1899-1995) plays the 'Choral Song & Fugue' of Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-1876).
Recorded on the Arthur Harrison organ of Gloucester Cathedral.

Bach-The Art of the Fugue - the last fugue