Monday, April 19, 2010

#3 'Word Alone'

Jaynan Clark is the President of Word Alone.  In her address to the convention she spoke of her experience in learning unbelief in the Lutheran seminary which she had attended.  She was taught that the Virgin Mary wasn't really a virgin, she was a young woman.  How, she asked, could that be since she had learned from her youth to confess every Sunday that Jesus had been 'born of the Virgin Mary'?

Ms. Clark is a dramatic speaker.  She spoke of the attempts of the church bishops to subvert the activities of the dissidents.  She said that the calling for the group was to maintain a faithful ministry.

She concluded her remarks with an earnest prayer for repentance.  Her prayer was given from the floor of the sanctuary  while she was on her knees facing the altar.  I had never seen anything like it in my sixty-seven years of being a Lutheran.

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