Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's time to shut down

I am grateful to the people who have read this blog and shared their thoughts with me.  I do not feel that I have finished my blogging adventures.  There is more music to be posted, more historical topics to pursue, and more links to be read.  I have nearly finished my 3-month tour of Lutheranism.  I haven't gotten very far into into my intended study of the two Lutheran Study Bible, the (A) and the (C).

But sometimes things happen that are best dealt with by walking away.  Such is the reason for me to shut down my blog.  Thank you all for reading Lutheran Colportage.

I will continue my other blogs so you will continue to get those Friday night jokes on Norman's Demesne.  See you there.


  1. I for one am sad... I read your blog regularly, listen to the music clips posted, and generally enjoy your writing... Sorry to see you conclude this blog. I will miss it.

  2. Thanks, Pastor.

    I received this in an e-mail. "Add me to the list of readers disappointed about the demise of Lutheran Colportage. Much of interest to me there and much that I would never have stumbled over otherwise."

    I just need to walk away from this project. I'll bring it back at a later time.