Monday, September 20, 2010

A personal note - finding a new church

We have spent the summer looking for a different  church. The search is over.  Our journey  took us on a tour of the contemporary Lutheran church scene.  We learned that the practice of Lutheranism is observed in a variety of ways.  We found that the art and practice of preaching is doing very well.

It was the preacher and the hymn book that brought us to our current destination.  We are grateful to all who offered us encouragement during this transitional period.


  1. A tour map with stopping points and commentary would be great.

  2. My prayers are with you as you find a new church home... undoubtedly you have learned somethings you would have preferred not to have known about the state of church life in Lutheran congregations today but I pray that the end will bring rich grace upon grace around the Word and Table of the Lord....

  3. Wow! I seem to be the last to know. I find it more than ironic that I left a contemporary Lutheran church for King of Grace and you have left King of Grace for a contemporary Lutheran church. I'm not concerned about our friendship. I treasure it! I have also treasured what I have learned from you regarding Lutheran practice. I am very glad I have two blogs to keep up on your musings. Also, we live close and should be able to keep in touch.

    Congratulations on your son's wedding!!! What a joyous event! Did you know that both of our kids are now at Bethany? I am very thankful for that.

    You were very missed at my birthday party, by the way.

  4. Actually I did not move to "a contemporary" church. We looked at a number of different congregations and found one with the same hymnal, the Evangelicsl Lutheran Hymnary, that made us settle where we finally settled. It was the hymnbook.

  5. My error! I misread what you wrote. So what church are you at now?