Saturday, August 20, 2011

Confession of George, the Margrave of Brandenburg - "I Am a Lutheran"

"I was not baptized in the name of Luther, he is not my God and Savior.  I do not believe in him, and am not saved by him;  and therefore, in this sense I am no Lutheran.  But if I be asked, whether with my heart and lips I profess the doctrines which God restored to light through the instrumentality of his blessed servant, Dr. Luther, I neither hesitate nor am ashamed to call myself a Lutheran.  In this sense I am, and as long as I live, will remain a Lutheran."

Amen, and amen to this.

[Source:  Koercher's Vertheidigung & c., pl 66, 68    in Samuel S. Schmucker, D.D., The American Lutheran Church   Historically, Doctrinally, and Practically Delineated in Several Occasional Discourses, fifth edition, Philadelphia:  E.W. Miller. 1852   p. 44]

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  1. This makes one wonder why a Lutheran congregation would want to remove "Lutheran" from their name.