Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayer in time of difficulty and sorrow-'Herre Jesu Krist! Min Frelser du est'

Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior blest,
My Hope and my Salvation!
I trust in Thee; Deliver me,
From misery;
Thy Word's my consolation.

When sorrows rise,
My refuge lies
In Thy compassion tender.
Within Thine arm
Can naught alarm;
Keep me from harm,
Be Thou my strong Defender.

I have Thy Word,
Christ, Jesus, Lord;
Thou never wilt forsake me.
This will I plead
In time of need.
O help with speed,
When troubles overtake me!

Grant, Lord, we pray,
Thy grace each day,
That we, Thy law revering,
May live with Thee,
And happy be
Before thy throne appearing.

from The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, #258, v. 1,5,6,7

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