Monday, April 19, 2010

#2 'Word Alone'

The ELCA survivors who have gathered to form a new church consider themselves to be Confessional, Missional, and Doxological.   They disagree among themselves about ecclesiology which they consider to be adiaphora (something neither commanded nor forbidden).  Some favor the bishop system while others say that bishops aren't necessary, that Jesus is the only bishop necessary. (Doesn't this remind you of the English Dissidents in the time of King James I who were so bitterly opposed and persecuted by Archbishop Laud?)

There are, of course, other Lutherans on the scene but these Golden Valley Lutherans will not join them.  The LCMC (Lutheran Christians in Mission for Christ) are not to be considered as 'LC-MS Lite.'  The members of the LCMC will ordain women as the ELCA has done for years and will not practice what is known as Closed Communon ('it's the Lord's Supper, not the Lutheran's Supper.')

There is a sign of co-operation between the Canadian branches of the two traditions.  The Canadians (CALC)  have turned to the Canadian branch of the LC-MS which operates a seminary in Edmonton.  The idea is that the LC-MS will take all students for enrollment, male or female.  The Missouri Synod says that it will do so without theological compromise and the CALC says that they won't compromise any of their principles either.  In other words, the LC-MS will educate the women but won't ordain them while the CALC will ordain their students into the ministry after they have completed their course of study in the Missouri Synod affiliated Canadian seminary.


  1. I'm curious what your source is for the last paragraph of this post. I would like to learn more about this potential agreement.

    BTW, Lutheran Church-Canada is an autonomous church body, not a wing of the LCMS. We maintain many links with the LCMS, but are more like sister churches within the ILC.

  2. Norman,
    I was wondering where you had heard of this possible cooperation between the CALC and Concordia, Edmonton.
    I'm a current student there, and would like to be able to find out more about this.

  3. Ed Stutzek said this. He was one of the principals at the Word Alone Conference.

  4. I apologize for not properly distinguishing between the Canadian church and the LC-MS. It was not good journalism for me to be so careless. I know that I get very touchy when people confuse the synod to which I belong, the ELS, with WELS. I have been known to say: "We are not WELS!"

    I stand by my report on the statement that CALC and Concordia-Edmonton had entered into agreement. It was stated as an accomplished fact and not as a discussion.