Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tea Party and Religious Fervor - Michelle Bachmann

Samuel G. Freedman had a perceptive piece in Saturday's New York Times about the ideological underpinnings of the Tea Party movement.

The piece caught my eye because it was well-written and it also described how Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann might see politics.

Bachmann is a Lutheran and a Lutheran member of Congress is nothing new here in Minnesota.   I would guess that almost all of the previous Lutheran members of Congress came from the ELCA which some consider to be the state church of Minnesota.  Bachmann is unusual in that she is a WELS Lutheran.  Her campaign manager is, I believe, a member of the ELS.  Truth in blogging requires me to state that I am a member of a congregation affiliated with the ELS.

I reside in the 3rd Minnesota Congressional District and so I was not able to vote against Ms. Bachmann in the recently concluded election.

Bachmann's gerrymandered 6th district has re-elected her again.  I think that Ms. Bachmann wouldn't stand a chance if she ran for office in the metropolitan Twin Cities.

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