Friday, February 4, 2011

Good News re Church Roof Collapse

Pastor Anderson reports:

Good afternoon friends and members of Heritage:

I thought I better provide some kind of update. I realize we have been 
splashed all over the news, and not all of it is accurate or helpful.

The damage to the facility appears to be isolated to the 
gym/multi-purpose room. The roof collapsed and blew out the northern 
wall. The southern wall is intact. The rest of the building, including 
entry way, new kitchen, bathrooms, school classrooms, sanctuary are all 
intact and structurally unharmed. All portions of the facility suffered 
water damage from broken pipes involved in the collapse.

As of 2:00 Friday afternoon, the electrical service has been restored, 
along with heat and gas. Clean up, by a contractor provided through 
Church Mutual Insurance, will begin work tomorrow. It is estimated that 
we can be back in the facility (minus the gym!) in about a week.

We have excellent coverage through Church Mutual Insurance. Our policy 
provides for complete replacement of the downed building, together with 
replacement of all damaged furnishings. Insurance will also cover clean 
up costs. At this time it is best that we let the professionals handle 
the clean up and repair. No member or volunteer help is needed at this 

We will have to decide what to do for this Sunday, and where we might 
operate out school for the coming week.

Stay tuned for more info!

-Pastor Anderson

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