Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Takes A Toll

Received this alarming e-mail in the middle of the night from Pastor Anderson.  We have been members of Heritage since last September.  Heritage Lutheran Church is in Apple Valley MN.

At about 12:45 this morning Heritage suffered a major disaster.  The
roof of the new gym collapsed, taking with it the north wall of the new
structure.  As a result of the collapse, the fire sprinkler system
engaged, flooding the gym area.  The sprinklers did not go off in the
sanctuary, classrooms, or other areas of the church.  However, water
from the gym has flooded the floors in adjacent areas, including the

At this time the Apple Valley Fire chief has declared the entire
building off-limits.  No one should enter the building for any reason
without authorization.  Power, gas, and water have been cut.
Heritage school and the church office are closed for Friday and all
other activities are canceled until further notice.   At this point I do
not know what we will do for Sunday.

By the grace and mercy of God, no one was present in the building and no
one has been injured.  Please include Heritage in  your prayers this

-Pastor Anderson

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