Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heritage Lutheran Church - March 1, 2011

Demolition of the still standing east wall of the gym began Monday 
morning. A huge wrecking machine grasped the top of the wall, and the 
wall wobbled a bit. After a few attempts, the machine stopped and the 
operator stepped out to talk with the crew. Apparently the entire wall 
wanted to come down as one piece, instead of falling apart in pieces. 
So it was decided that the wall would have to be strategically cut so as 
to come down in pieces. As of day's end, the wall was down.

Today demolition continues. Debris from the wall will be hauled away. 
Debris from inside the collapsed building can now be reached, but it 
will be taken out piece by piece and stock piled in the north parking 
lot in order to enable further examination by those still studying the 
cause of the collapse.

Work inside the remaining facility continues as well. A crew began 
yesterday chipping out the old grout in the sanctuary floor, preparing 
for refinishing of that floor. Another crew began work preparing for 
installation of a temporary wall, which will divide the entry way hall 
in half, barring access and protecting the building from the standing 
south wall of the gym. It is hoped that with this wall in place, and 
with shoring up the gym wall as a precaution, the city will again grant 
us use of the sanctuary for Sunday. We won't know about use of the 
sanctuary until Friday. For now, including Weds evening worship, we 
will be back in the old fellowship hall.

Plans are also going forward for restoration of the rest of the old part 
of the building. Carpet has been ordered, and the old entry way, 
pastor's study, church office, and sacristy should be put back to 
pre-collapse condition soon.

[source:  Pastor Anderson]

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