Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heritage update - March 8, 2011

Pastor Anderson continues to give the congregation accurate and consistent information about the status of the church building.  " Demolition and 
clean-up continue. The old gym is now nearly completely cleaned out, 
leaving behind only the floor slab and the south and west walls. A good 
amount of debris fell from the collapsing gym onto the adjacent flat 
roofs of the entry hall, kitchen, utility room, bathrooms, and bathroom 
hallway. All of this debris is being removed, together with the peak of 
the damaged west wall which rises above the flat roof on the west. 
Engineers continue to monitor and examine the adjacent structures, 
looking for any evidence of damage or dangerous conditions. Engineer 
Todd Christopherson is working to resolve city concerns regarding safety 
of the school wing, bathrooms, and hall way so that we begin using those 
portions of the facility again."

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