Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a discussion about Pietism

Pietism is one of those devil words in common use among some Lutherans. One doesn't want to appear to be a Pietist. A Pietist doesn't drink or dance and we all know that Pietism is synonymous with legalism and enthusiasm. Luther said, after all, "to hell with the schwaermer." {In my blogging history a Missouri Synod pastor once called me 'the worst kind of Pietist.' I am very proud of that one.]

For a very interesting discussion on the topic of Pietism I refer the reader of Lutheran Colportage to a discussion of Bo Giertz by Eric Andrae, Campus Pastor at First Trinity Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh. The source for Pastor Andrae's essay is Lutheran Forum, a most interesting place to read about Lutherans and Lutheranism. http://www.lutheranforum.org/extras/pietism-according-to-bo-giertz/

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