Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lutheran Study Bible 'The Sermon on the Mount'-#3

I will now list the four different types of text Notes found in the (C). These different notes are identified within the body of the text with different icons. Note that the Theology notes are further subdivided into three additional types of notes.

Law and Gospel Notes. "These notes summarize sections of Scripture, applying both Law and Gospel for the reader and providing a petition or praise to guide the reader into prayer, since studying the Bible is always a devotional act for Lutherans."

Cross-Reference to an Article. "The study notes will often refer to introductions, articles, charts and maps throughout TLSB. Follow these references to gain further insights. See also the Reference Guide, pp. lxv-cx."

Theology Icons. "Three different icons mark weighty theological passages: 1. The Trinity Icon marks passages about the triune God and Old Testament messianic prophecies. 2. The Word and Sacrament Icon marks passages about the means of grace (see SC, pp. xxxiii-xliv). 3. The Mission Icon marks passages about spreading the Gospel."

Church Father Quotations: "Numerous insights from the Book of Concord, as well as Ancient, Medieval, and Reformation-era Christian writers, are included to add greater depth to the notes (see p. xii)."

It's time for another coffee break and some more great organ music.

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