Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lutheran Study Bible 'The Sermon on the Mount'-#2

I am looking at the study notes of the two versions and it is time to see what kind of notes the editors of the (C) have provided for the reader.

The (C) editors identify four types of notes which accompany the text. These notes are explained to the reader in an introductory paragraph. "TLSB Study Notes. At the bottom of each Bible page appear two columns that explain specific terms and phrases (italic) or provide other insights regarding biblical history, culture, literary features, and theology. Some notes contain Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek terms transliterated into English (see p. lxx). Bible texts have long appeared with notes called "glosses"; in Luther's first Bible publication of 1522, he included such notes to aid readers of his German translation. Historic Lutheran study Bibles include Das Altenberger Bibelwerk, Das Weimarische Bibelwerk, and Calov's Biblia Illustrata."

Whew! That's a lot of explaining and the explanation for the four different text Notes hasn't even started.

It's time for more coffee and more Bach.

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