Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lutheran Study Bible 'The Sermon on the Mount'-#4

I am looking at the (C) and the (A) and the study notes found in both. I find that there are too many notes in the three chapters of Matthew 5-7 for me to compare the notes in the two editions. I decide instead to focus on The Beatitudes in chapter 5, to see what I can see.

(C) has 13 notes for verses 1-12. There is one Law and Gospel note and 12 study notes.

(A) has five notes in the same set of verses. There are two World of the Bible notes, one Bible concept note, one Lutheran Perspectives note, and one Faith Reflection notes which asks:"If Jesus teaches who to bless, not how to be blessed, how would that change your life."

The Law and Gospel note in (C) follows: "Jesus introduces His Sermon on the Mount with nine beatitudes that detail the future blessedness of His disciples. These promised blessings are God's gracious gifts to those who repent of their sins and trust Christ for righteousness. Only after Jesus has assured His disciples of God's goodness to them does He call on them, in the rest of His sermon, to be good and do good. When we recognize our own spiritual poverty, when the Lord leads us to hunger and righteousness, when He makes us pure in heart so that we seek to worship only the true God, then we are blessed, now and forever. Gracious Savior, keep my eyes ever focused on You and Your blessings, which are mine by grace alone. Amen."

I conclude this part of my study with the observation that the editors of the two different books have different ideas about the same material. I believe that the editors must perceive their audiences differently. I think that the notes make this clear.

I like the two study Bibles and recommend them for use.

I decide to call it a morning and listen to some organ music by Vincent Lubeck.

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