Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lutheran Study Bible- 'The Sermon on the Mount'- #1

I admit that I have a lot to learn about Bible study and Bible translations. Nonetheless, I decide to plunge right in and see what the two study Bibles, the (A) and the (C) have to present. My first adventure is to see how the two editions handle The Sermon on the Mount. Maybe I'll learn what the editors have in mind from such study.

The (C) has more notes, many, many more notes than the (A). The Sermon on the Mount covers chapters 5 through 7 of the Gospel of Matthew. The (C) has 53 notes for the reader to consider besides the text itself. The (A) has 29 notes. Does the body count of notes mean anything? It probably does for the editors of the two books.

Each version has distinctive and different notes. I think that it would be worthwhile to see what kind of notes the editors include.

The (A) editors have four different types of notes and each note is identified by a distinctive icon within the text of the Bible itself. The first type of note is identified as 'World of the Bible'. These "notes explore people, places, events, and artifacts that are mentioned in the Bible. These may also describe how a particular book may have been written and what literary form it takes."

The second type is labeled 'Bible Concepts.' These "notes focus on ideas and theological insights. Here you will find connections between how such concepts are expressed in different books and how Old Testament themes influence the New Testament."

The third (A) note is "Lutheran Perspective." These "notes are introduced by a key question that connects a Bible verse or passage with Lutheran theological perspectives, teachings, or practices."

The final (A) note is labeled "Faith Reflection." "Faith Reflection questions encourage individuals and groups to think about and discuss the meaning of some Bible texts or study notes."

It's time for a coffee break and some organ music.

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